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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 22, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. well, a bedside vigil now in its second weekend for a
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13-year-old girl who was declared dead after surgery. and tonight, her grieving mother has written a heartbreaking weather. the letter was released today from the grieving mother of jahi mcmath. more on the story. >> katy, this morning a judge granted a restraining order to allow jahi to remain on life support, on monday, they will appoint a neurologist to deal with the case. her mother is trying to explain how she deals with the situation. >> reporter: in this picture, the mother of jahi mcmath holds her daughter's hand, and writes, they have been pressuring me to pull the plug, i can't, i wouldn't, i can't let them kill my baby a second time. this is the latest effort to keep pressure on children's hospital. tonight, jahi's uncle said that the community support brought this banner to sign in the
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lobby. >> i just want to thank everybody out in the community that has been showing their love and support. >> reporter: friday, the family got an independent restraining order to review jahi's condition, in a letter, she writes i never thought i would have to get a court order to make the hospital treat my family. while the court order happens, there will be a march at children's hospital. >> jahi's favorite color is purple so if you can come out wearing a purple shirt, it doesn't matter what the shade is, please wear it and march with us on monday morning. >> reporter: jahi was declared brain dead last week, the chief of pediatrics released the letter saying that as medical professionals we have to ensure that we don't create hope where there is none. the representative's from children's hospital will be
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there on hand monday. >> if you wish to read the entire letter jahi's mother wrote we have posted it on our website at and a tragic shooting at a denver denvhospital, 17-year-old claire davis who was shot during the rampage died today. she had been in critical condition after the shooting at arapahoe high school. karl pierson shot himself in the head after shooting claire. and rajesh vashisht has accused of molestation as a massage therapist, several clients claimed he had molested them. and more from 19th and sh
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shotwell. >> reporter: katie, officers put together everything in the top floor of the building, as you can see behind me, though, a burned pile of rubble. in there, there includes a grow light of what is part of possibly an irrigation system. inside each of these sacks, a marijuana plant. two hundred in all. there is evidence of an illegal grow operation that went unnoticed for months. >> so i did hear some steps, but i had no who was the one. >> reporter: the owner of auto body and painting moved into his space earlier this month, he was told there were no other tenants in the entire building. so he ignored the random noises he occasionally heard coming from up above. but there is no ignoring the fire potentially sparked by these grow lamps. firefighters quickly realized
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the situation as they got through the door, they entered a maze of false walls, sectioned off rooms, and rows and rows of pot plants which were all wrapped in plastic. >> they wrapped it in plastic, to minimize the smell coming from the room. they keep it warm, but there was also potential for an accident. >> reporter: those nearby are angry. >> there are kids here, three generations of my name here and we definitely want to keep it from this kind of people. >> reporter: the building's owner has not had a second floor tenant for months, investigators are sure whoever was illegally using the space was not living there but simply using it to grow pot. in san francisco, abc 7 news. and a fire in san jose has left 17 people without a home just after 4:30 today. the firefighters encountered
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heavy smoke and flames. they put it out in an hour, nobody was hurt. the investigators are still working to pinpoint a cause. a warning to residents in vallejo about somebody who is threatening somebody with arrest, unless they paid 2,0$2,, the suspect used an official vallejo police number. and many are having their plans slowed due to bad weather in texas to maine, the ice and snow is a contributing factor to the slow flights across the country. in arkansas, three people were injured when a tornado hit their mobile home. in durmont, another tornado blew over an 18-wheeler. five homes were also damaged injuring two people. and forecasters are predicting
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tornadoes to hit indiana, the storm is also bringing pockets of unseasonable warm. so in philadelphia, just days after getting a record snowstorm, in 60 degrees today it broke a record set in 1895.s lee glasser for a check of the weather. yes, ahead of this cold front, that is where all the very warm, moist air is, that is why philadelphia was near 70 degrees today. behind it you could see the wraparound moisture where the cold air is, you combine these two, that is where we pick up severe weather, making its way into tennessee and also portions of kentucky, tornadoes are spawned from this band of rain. from behind it we have not only heavy snow reported from kansas city, but the pink on the map there is very heavy ice iing, moving into the chicago area overnight tonight, and into tomorrow. so not only will we have flight delays in many of the new england areas, we'll also have
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delays on a lot of the holiday e packages to be delivered, as well. good news is, a fast moving storm moving out of here in the next day. we'll look at the forecast coming up. a deal is reached between bart and its two largest employee unions over a disputed clause that the agency says was signed by mistake. the agreement dropped the family leave clause that granted union members up to six weeks of paid leave. employees will instead get three weeks of bereavement. the deal means the strike is over, they will send the revised contract to their members for a vote. new at 11:00, retailers are trying to attract the last-minute shoppers. today was super saturday for many of them. one of the busier shopping days of the year. many offered deep discounts and extended store s, somehours, so stores including macy's will
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stay open around the clock through christmas eve. >> you work two jobs, that just makes it so convenient. and go like i actually have that one-hour time frame to go shopping in. >> sales numbers for the past few weeks have been weak. they rose 2% according to shopper track. target is looking to make amends following a massive credit card breach. thieves swiped information from more than 40 target customers who shopped at a target to december 15. the retail giant is offering deals to customers and free monitoring to customers who had their information exposed. j.p. morgan chase is taking their own precautions following the target breach. the bank will limit the debit cards for at-risk customers, the cards are limited to $100 a day, purchases limited to $300 a day. and users will not be able to
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withdraw cash in atms outside the u.s. and will allow customers to pay for goods using bit coins, the peer to peer network will debut next year. the ceo says they know bit coin prices are volatile and will liquidate into currency or find a market to hedge the risk. coming up, getting ready to say good-bye to candle stick park, what the ground crews are doing as the countdown begins. and the tributes around the city for
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covering oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. monday night football will mark the end of an era when the
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49ers play the atlanta falcons, it will be the red and gold's last game at candle stick park. >> reporter: it is the last time that jose alvarez will do this particular paint job. >> hey, i'm going to miss it. i love to paint the logos. >> reporter: he has been painting it for the last 22 ll ov>> so they can see all ove world, my work, but they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> reporter: he has been here a long time, but not as long as the niners. the team moved to candlestick in 1971. >> it was where the 49ers played, the giants played, so we always took pride in it. we tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game every time. >> reporter: preparations include power washing walkways cleaning suites, checking generat generators, all ending with a
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fo four-hour walk-through before the game. >> it is kind of like the monday night game. i've been here quite a long time. it has not really sunken in yet. >> reporter: on tuesday, the day after, christmas eve he says they will clean up candlestick and do checks, as usual. meanwhile, the ace painter is following in his foot steps, ready to retire. >> it is a little sad, so i'm getting older. it is time for me to stop. >> reporter: he says he has taken a souvenir from the stadium, but wouldn't say what it is. the park opens at 1:30, an hour earlier than usual, the gates open at 2:00. now, the traffic is expected to be congested, the 49ers suggest you get there earlier and make sure you get there in plenty of time. the fans here have sat in these seats at the stick for 40 years.
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and now, you can e-mail us your photos. just send them to you report at k k and the restaurant has created a model of the stick. it is decorated with details and many gingerbread men playing football. so cute, it will be on display until the end of the month. and transformed out of the bible. the knights of st. francis brought out donkeys and goats for a live nativity scene. and a big impact today for deserving children in san francisco. santa and his helpers handed out nearly 8,000 toys today. and time now to get a check of the weather. again, we'll send it over to lee. yes, and happy winter to you, winter arrived this morning
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at 9:11, and doesn't really feel like winter out there today. live doppler 7 high definition showing you mainly clear conditions. we'll keep it clear throughout the even look at is a look at the highs i told you about. santa rosa, 68 degrees, it was 65 in san rafael, oakland, 64, livermore this afternoon, 57 degrees, we even managed 60 in san jose, and 61 in morgan hill. the temperatures will be a few more degrees tomorrow as we get into a little bit of an offshore component. san francisco, 51, already 48 in redwood city, from the camera, you can see that the sky is clear over san francisco. napa already in the 30s, 38 degrees there. novato 39, we have 40 in concord. histo here is a look at the camera,
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chilly overnight inland, maybe a bit of patchy fog developing. otherwise, get ready for a nice mild winter day tomorrow. dry and mild as we head into the stretch of this upcoming holiday work week. 30s today in the northeast bay locations. maybe a bit of frost out there. and then we'll moderate the closer you get to the bay, and the temperatures in san francisco, 42 for richmond, and 40 tonight in palo alto. okay, gang, this is the set up. you can pretty much get a sense of what is happening here. we have areas of high pressure just pushing the jet stream well to the north of us. and this pattern is just going to stay put for at least the next five to seven days. so this dry, mild pattern will stay with us for a while. i know we desperately need the rain. but it doesn't look like we're going to see any. maybe this time next week we may talk about some moisture moving in here. if you're headed to tahoe,
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obviously cold enough to make the snow. but you're not going to find a lot of natural snow out there, especially as conditions will continue to be dry there, as well. sunshine for your monday. 52, south lake tahoe, tuesday, christmas eve, temperatures in the 50s, as well. overnight temperatures in the teens, here is what i am talking about, 64 tomorrow, expected high in san jose. and check out monday, 66, 66 for christmas eve and christmas day. we're looking at mid-60s there, as well. so very, very mild, warming up a bit more. 62 san francisco, san jose, 64, and 63 for livermore. the game on monday, great weather, no fog at the stick. lots of clear skies. christmas eve and christmas day, sunny and mild. and then we'll bring a few more clouds in next weekend. so enjoy the ride. >> will do. thank you, lee, we'll turn it over to sports.
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will one day be affected by some kind of vision problem. save your vision for the years ahead. call... or log on to to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration. abc 7 news sports report. >> riding a 40-game winning streak, perrennial power, lasalle behind 10-0, it was 20-7
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mid-way through the fourth when the spartans rally. to morris, for a 49-yard td, the lead over six, de lasalle with the ball, great defensive play, that does it as st. johns boscoe knocks out the spartans. at the las vegas bowl, firing against fresno state. aguilar nearly drops it. lee gets in for a second score of the game, 35-6 at intermission. kessler shut out at the second half, usc wins 45-20, the trojans finish their season 10 and 4.
2:24 am
at the new mexico bowl, it appeared washington state wasñr headed to victory against colorado state. the quarterback halladay throwing six different touchdowns, the rams rally, garrett grayson finds jordan baden, the lead down to eight. colorado state scores again and ties it up with the old statue of liberty play. 45-45, colorado state recovers a fumble, deep in washington state territory. that sets up jared robert's 41-yard field goal. the rams and the cougars, a heartbreak. still to come, the sharks try to take a bite out of the stars. after that
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the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies. more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment. we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. after losing to a shorthanded spurs team, the
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lakers did not take anything for granted, who were without paul gasol. and andrew iguodala, with nine assists. golden state broke it open in the third, curry to andrew, a nice pass for two of the ten points. now in the fourth, curry sets up boget again, golden state cruises to a 103-80 victory, and stanford women's basketball, taking them on. 22 points, 30 rebounds, the lady bowls made a rebound, carter cuts the lead to just two. with under 30 seconds to play, they answer with this clutch basket and the foul, stanford hands tennessee the first loss of the year, the cardinals
2:29 am
improve to ten and one. meanwhile, glenn robinson the third finishes the alley-oop late in the game. the basket and the foul, after a pair of wolverine free throws, randall with a chance to tie, the shot is no good, michigan hangs on for a 68-65 victory. dallas made a visit to the shark tank tonight. without hurdle for at least a month because of a knee injury, this little guy from the santa clara black hawks and sharks fell 2-0 before coming back in the third, pavelski with a nice back hand, ties the game at two, this game settled in a shootout. captain joe thornton with the only goal, the sharks take it
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3-2. and this is the abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right, thank you. well, still to come, the urgent mission today for astronauts at the international space station. and is love actually really a new holiday classic? why
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♪ i was a lonely soul, but that's the old me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. good evening, in tonight's headlines, a bedside vigil has entered its second weekend for 13-year-old jahi mcmath. she was declared brain dead after undergoing a tonsillectomy. she will be evaluated after a court order, on monday. and today, a pot growing operation was found after
2:34 am
firefighters were called out for a fire at a two-story building on 19th street. a deal has been reached between bart and its two largest unions at the family agency leave clause, the deal means the threat of another bart strike is over. across the nation and the world, people stopped and paid tribute to those who died on pam am flight 103 in scotland. one tribute was held at arlington national cemetery. all 200 people on board and the 11 on the ground were killed after a terrorist planted a bomb. one survivor said it is important to remember her sister. >> i brought my daughter here, it was a little hard to watch her put the heather there. it is important she knows who her aunt was and who her aunt could have been. >> the memorials were also held in lockerbie, a libyan national
2:35 am
was the only one convicted of the bombing. but he was released from prison because of humanitarian grounds, he died last year. and two warring factions trying to leave, three u.s. war craft carriers tried to help those wounded. they're in stable condition. president obama says any attempt by south sudan to seize control through military force will result in a cutoff of aid. president obama spent the first day of his hawaiian vacation golfing. the first family arrived in honolulu late last night. after coming down from air force one, the president showed he can still work a crowd. >> happy holidays, everybody. great to see you guys. you know, year after year, if we start to pose we'll be here for a while. >> the president and family are staying at a beachside home. pope francis had his first much anticipated meeting today
2:36 am
with the governing body of the roman catholic church. this is the first time many members had met the pope. the pope urged them to serve, be professional and adopt the ideas of holiness. tomorrow, pope francis will conduct his first pre-christmas prayer after st. peter's square. and two astronauts wrapped up outside the international space station. they worked on a crippled cooling line. more on the story. >> reporter: american astronauts zip zipped through sometime and space, removing a day ahead of schedule the ailing cooling pump that jeopardized operations on board the international space station. >> don't let that go, that is a stocking stuffer. >> reporter: the pump failed ten days ago, and today's space walk was a complicated procedure that required the two astronauts to gingerly remove the unit during a five-hour space walk.
2:37 am
a replacement pump will be scheduled for monday, but there was a glitch. one astronaut complained about his feet being cold and at times had to readjust temperature controls in his suit. the american space suits had come under scrutiny after an italian astronaut nearly drowned when water collected in his helmet last july. the astronauts came up with two fixes, an element placed inside behind the astronaut's head to collect the water drops, and a 20-inch plastic tube that would allow the astronauts to breathe from the bottom of their suits if they filled with water. he was asked if he wanted to continue for two hours, he decided to call it for the day. >> my vote would be to call it for today. >> can you give us an idea if it is your temperature?
2:38 am
>> it is just -- it is a little bit of -- a cup of things. >> it will take one and possibly two more space walks to completely repair the cooling system. and if there is a third space walk it will occur on christmas day. abc news, at the johnson space center, houston. china on the move again, the rover started moving again after shutting down last weekend. the break was supposed to last until monday but scientists decided to restart u 2. they will look at substances and look for natural resources for three months. technology helped a man stop a burglary at his home while he was in china. the long island man had set up a camera so he could monitor his house while he was on vacation, and sure enough, he spotted a woman trying to run out of the house. the police say when she was
2:39 am
arrested she was carrying one of the web cameras he had installed. as many as 6,000 people walked down a pennsylvania street tonight, singing christmas carols to grant the wish of a dying 8-year-old girl, delaney brown was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and doctors gave her just days to live. she asked her neighbors to lift their voices in holiday song, and they came through. still to come, "it's a wonderful life" to "a christmas story." what makes it a wonderful story. the great debate. hi, there is everyone again. i'm meteorologist lee glasser. if you're traveling back east you can take a look at the forecast and what y
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and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. and what does it take for a christmas movie to be considered a classic? apparently that is a matter of some debate, heated debate as evidenced by recent on-line furor over the 2003 film, "love actually." here is abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: here is the season's classic movies, starting of course with "it's a wonderful life." and "miracle on 34th street." in the '60s, a couple of tv specials were added to the group. how the grinch stole christmas. and a charlie brown christmas. >> this doesn't seem to fit the modern spirit. >> reporter: but now, a slightly newer batch of movies are starting to crowd in to the family favorites. does will ferrell's elf make the
2:44 am
grade? probably not. but there is debate about the film "love actually." does it deserve to be considered a new classic? one critic says no. >> it is just a very strange conception of love that starts with physical attraction and then goes immediately to the happily ever after. but one source says yes. >> the classic feels more personal. it feels like something i can see in my real life, potentially, hopefully, and something that feelings fresh. >> reporter: earlier this month, the office conversation turned into a heated debate, "love actually" turned into a battlefield. >> basically, every one of our co-workers got up and surrounded us fight club style as we debated loudly over the merits of the movie. >> it was awesome, everything stopped for ten minutes.
2:45 am
>> reporter: they took their debate to the web, and their work got more than 5,000 facebook shares. i was one of them, i confess, the argument was brutal and fun. the now dedicated british film follows nine story lines, each about a version of affection. young love, ill-timed lust, truly joyful anticipation. they argue these plot lines are not only superficial. >> it is almost a series of money shots, like a mash-up of a variety of films, without any of the middle part in which people get to know each other and fall in love. >> reporter: green says love is the spirit of of the season, no matter how sloppy its expression. >> they don't have time to show all the four-hour conversations that lead people to fall in love intellectually. it is more about that magic
2:46 am
chemistry moment that allows people to fall into the crush zone. and i think that is a very valid and magical thing to show. >> reporter: it should be said that it got mixed reviews. >> keira knightley's singing was even worse than i imagined. >> reporter: now, that movie is an undisputed classic, right alongside "love actually"? well, actually i'm not going to take a position in this great debate. >> i feel like i have a lot of thinking to do right now, but we'll send it over to meteorologist lee glasser, it is christmas, winter, hard to tell, with the temperatures in the 60s. live doppler, all clear, we may see a bit of patchy fog develop overnight. that is about it.
2:47 am
we do want to head over towards the east again, and also the midwest. you can see the line of thunderstorms making its way through that part of the country, snow and ice, all the way down to st. louis and portions of oklahoma, this is how the forecast map is going to look tomorrow. the good news is that this system is moving quickly. you will notice by late morning, early afternoon, the thunderstorms will push off the coast there. and a lot of the country will actually start to clear out. and really much of the country, this entire week will be dry. 67 atlanta tomorrow, and we'll drop to 39 in denver, here is a look at our own state map. get ready for nice conditions statewide tomorrow with l.a. checking in at 71 degrees, 65 for fresno, tahoe, sunny and mild for monday, especially for that niner game. it will just be terrific weather, christmas eve, christmas day, we'll trim the numbers down just a bit next
2:48 am
friday and saturday. >> trim them like the tree perhaps? >> yeah, pretty much. all right, thank you, lee, to rick now, more sports. big high school game in sports, delasalle going after the fourth u headed? uh just gonna hang out. it's a school night. with gary and todd? yea. not sure about those two. i've been meaning to ask you - this is tougher than i
2:49 am
thought - is there any drinking going on in this crowd? no. i hope not, because alcohol can lead you to say things and do things you that you really wish you hadn't. isn't this what you're supposed to say? i know. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working. i promise. i love you too dad. they really do hear you. brian? yea? so start the conversation even before they're teenagers. good idea. for tips on what to say visit a message from the substance abuse and mental health services administration. wow. these are really good. you act surprised.
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if your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait. perennial power football game de la salle trying to win the championship. the spartans took on unbeaten st. john bosco. open for a 60-yard touchdown, 20-7, mid-way through the fourth when the spartans rally, a 49-yard td, with the lead down to six, over two minutes left, de la salle has the ball. williams is picked off for the
2:52 am
second time tonight. gavin windis for the play. 20-14, de la salle's first loss to a california school in five years. and they couldn't keep up with corona delmar, napolitano dumps it off to connor sage. and picked off by bovado, he is gone, corona delmar wraps up a perfect 16 and 0 season, by winning the first ever state title. and following the frustrating loss to the spurs team, the warriors were trying to make amends to the lakers. they took control, andre iguodala playing in just his third game after a hamstring injury. david lee led the warriors with 19, golden gate state opens it
2:53 am
up in the third, curry and seth delivers a nice pass. in the fourth quarter, curry sets up bogit again,state state cruises to a 103-80 victory, and a whole lot of shaking going on, san francisco knocking off number 23 tennessee. and 20 rebounds, the lady bowlings made a light comeback, carter cuts the lead to two, under 30 seconds to play, arrange answers with a basket and the foul, 76-70. stanford men took on michigan in new york, glenn robinson iii with the alley-oop, 13 seconds left, cardinal down by third, the lead down to one after a pair of wolverine free throws, randall with a chance to tie it but the shot is no good.
2:54 am
michigan hangs on, 68-66, stanford drops to 8 and 3. dallas was at the tank tonight, san jose will be without hurdle because of a knee injury, but this little guy from the santa clara black hawks shows the nifty handling between the legs. between the goaltender, san jose trails 2-0 before coming back early in the third, joe pavelski with a nice back hander, ties the game at two, the game settled in a shootout. captain joe thornton with the only goal. monday night's game between the 49ers and falcon likely the last game ever played at candlestick park. san jose leading on a winning note. without bruce miller for the first time this year, he is out
2:55 am
for the season with a shoulder injury, the runningback anthony dixon looking forward to show what he can do. >> i'm not ready to make the transition, i already made it. i'm ready, excited, monday night football, last game at candlestick, we'll do it with a group effort. it is really not on one person. we'll do it as a group effort and i can't wait. >> after practice today, vernon davis host iing a toy drive at s gallery and art studio. davis along with some of his teammates handed out toys and signed autographs for underprivileged children. davis knows firsthand what it is like for the kids. >> for me, i know what it is like growing up as a kid, as an under privileged kid in a neighborhood that was low on income, it means a lot. it really does. it is just a blessing to be able to be here and share the experiences.
2:56 am
>> i'm sure he handed out a few toy footballs. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by the river rock casino. >> so nice to see. in the holiday spirit. >> i am, too. >> well, that will do it for tonight, abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00, thank you for joining us. and the news continues right now on line on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our new abc 7 news app. have a great evening, everything. everything
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